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Why is Mary called as queen of angels?

Christ, as I'm sure you know, is King of Heaven. Therefore, since the angels live in Heaven, Christ is their king. Mary is likewise the Queen of Heaven. Having the king's mo (MORE)

Why did Mary queen of Scots become queen?

Mary Queen of Scots became Queen of Scotland by being the only legitimate child of her father James V of Scotland. She had an older half brother and sister but they were illeg (MORE)

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What did Mary queen of Scots do in France?

Her mother, Marie de Guise ( Mary of Guise) was French. she ( mother) died early in her reign, and for some odd reason Mary Stuart was not permitted to attend her mother"s fun (MORE)

Mary Queen of Scots childhood?

She was born at Linlithgow palace and sent to live at the French court at the age of six. At sixteen she married the dauphin, Francis, who became Francis II of France
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Who was queen Mary 2nd?

  Mary II ruled jointly with husband William of nassau-who was of Dutch extraction. This Joint reign was called the Glorious Revolution as it increased religious tolerance (MORE)

What happened to Queen Mary of England?

Princess Victoria Mary of Teck- the wife of George V is probably the Queen you speak of. She died of normal old age in l953, the year her granddaughter Elizabeth II was corona (MORE)