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Who was Queen Mary?

  Mary, Queen of Scots (1542-1587), was queen of France and Scotland and claimant to the throne of England. As the rival of Elizabeth I, she was perhaps the last real hope (MORE)

Why did Mary queen of Scots become queen?

Mary Queen of Scots became Queen of Scotland by being the only legitimate child of her father James V of Scotland. She had an older half brother and sister but they were illeg (MORE)

When is singer teena Marie funeral?

Teena Marie's funeral service was held at the Aldous Funeral Home on Tuesday, December 28. While on Monday evening before Tina Marie funeral was done, there was a prayer servi (MORE)

What music was played at Princess Diana's funeral?

There were many songs played at the funeral of Princess Diana.  Organ Sonata in C Minor, opus 65 no 2 by Felix  Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Prelude on the hymn tune 'Eventide' by (MORE)

Was Mary queen of Scots a good queen?

Mary Queen of Scots was a highly-educated, strikingly beautiful  woman, but she was not considered a good Queen. She was suspected  in helping James Hepburn orchestrate the (MORE)

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