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Why is the panama canal important for panama?

  Commercial  Importance. The Panama Canal was built to shorten the  distance that ships had to travel to pass between the Atlantic and  Pacific Oceans. The canal perm (MORE)

Do Panama hats originate in Panama?

  What we call the Panama Hat originated in Ecuador. It is woven from a very soft fiber that grows only there. It is called a Panama Hat because when they were buildin (MORE)

How big is Panama?

Panama is 29,157 square miles or 75,517 square kilometers. It is 117th out of 235 countries in terms of land area. It is bigger than Sierra Leone but smaller than the Czech Re (MORE)

How did Panama get its independence?

In 1903 Panama had a Revolution and threw out its Colombian rulers. No roads existed so that Colombia could send an army to Panama and put down the revolution. When Colombia t (MORE)

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What was the panama canal?

The Panama Canal is a man made water-way to greatly decrease travel  times around the Americas.
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What type of music is played in Panama?

Panama's traditional music is cumbia-based and is called musica tipica or pindin. Tipico is the traditional style of dance. Panama is also known as la cuna del regueton (the c (MORE)

Is the Panama canal in Panama city?

In part. The Panama Canal meets the Pacific Ocean at Panama City. So yes, the most southerly part of the canal is in Panama City.
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