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What not to do in Puerto Rico?

The same advice applies for any other part of the world, don't disobey the laws. Don't get stinking drunk in sleazy joints you don't know. Don't buy illegal drugs from shady c (MORE)

How do you get to Puerto Rico?

Fly a in a plane. It's easy. Take a plane there. Don't forget your passport! Take a plane there. Don't forget your passport! Puerto Rico is part of the US and you do not need (MORE)

What is there to do in Puerto Rico?

there is sightseeing to do. there is also many beautiful beaches and it is interesting. so, it is a good vacation place   In Puerto Rico you can go visit alot of different (MORE)

When did Puerto Rico become Puerto Rico?

If you mean the name it was first called Borinken by the natives then San Juan Bautista and finally Puerto Rico. The name is given for the riches colonists found on the island (MORE)

Why was Puerto Rico named Puerto Rico?

The native Tainos called it Boriken. Christopher Columbus called it San Juan Bautista. The sailors called it Rich Port which means Puerto Rico in Spanish and the name Stuc (MORE)

What is Puerto Ricos favorite music?

Puerto Rico invented two kind of music genres Salsa and Reggeaton But we listen to everything there is, even hits from america It also depends on people's likes and disl (MORE)

What is Puerto Rico salsa music?

  Salsa is a fusion of Caribbean and Latin American rhythms developed in a particular style by Puertorican and Cuban musicians that lived in New York City during the 60's (MORE)

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