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What religions are there in Venezuela?

The religion in Venezuela is roman catholic 96%,protestant 2%,and other 2%.
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What is the most popular sport in Venezuela?

Baseball is one of the most popular games played in Venezuela. Venezuela is known to produce some of the most skilled baseball players in the world for instance Luis Aparicio. (MORE)

What are the major imports and exports of Venezuela?

The number one export in Venezuela is oil. Several oil field as  located in and around Venezuela, particular in the East. Venezuela  supports the USA with pesticide , fertil (MORE)

Is Christina Aguilera From Venezuela?

yes i think so and she'd better be so I'm right and everybody else is wrong
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How did Venezuela get its name?

Venezuela was named by Amerigo Vespucci, who called it "little Venice" when he arrived. Venezuela derives from Sanskrit "Vanozwala" meaning country with beautiful forests. Ven (MORE)

What kind of money do they use in Venezuela?

The currency used in Venezuela is the Venezuelan bolivar. Venezuela  is located in northern South America. The capital is Caracas.
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What are the geographical features in Venezuela like?

  Geographical Features   There are many variations in the Venezuela landscape. The northeast regions feature the Andes Mountains that go all the way to the northwest a (MORE)

Why was Venezuela called Venezuela?

Spanish people named this country Venezuela which means "Little Venice" because Venezuela reminds the Spanish people of Venice because it was by the ocean sea ~Caralina
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How old is Venezuela?

Venezuela was founded in March 30 1845, which means as of 2015 it  is 170 years old.
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