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How can you put music videos on your iPod?

1. Go to 2. Click "Free YouTube to iPod Converter" 3. Scroll down and click the blue button that says "Download Now" 4. Click "Save File" 5. Finish in (MORE)

Can you get video game music on your ipod?

Yes. Get the free download of RealPlayer and then go to Youtube and search for the video game theme song (I.E. Doom 3 theme song). It will ask if you want to download the vide (MORE)

How do you get music on a YouTube video?

  FOR THE VIDEO   Open Windows Movie Maker   Click Import Media   Find your video and click import   Drag your video to where it says Drag media here   FOR (MORE)

What was the first pop music video?

  The first musical short film was by Lee De Forest in 1923. Over the years, many performers claimed they invited the music video - Little Richard said the film of Tootie (MORE)

How do you download music video from AOL video?

  Very easy for u to use E.M. Youtube video download tool.   It works great and easy to use.   And can also download, convert, burn,search, repair and play any youtu (MORE)

How can you get in a music video?

You have to go to a firm that is involved with hiring dancers, choreographers, or acting. Contact entertainment agencies, talent agents, etc.
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Do bands play the music in their music videos?

Actually, they do play the music, and sing the song in the music video, but the sound is not recorded. They put the studio audio over the music video once it's done. But they (MORE)