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What does ritard mean in music notation?

It means to slow the tempo for a given piece of music. Often a dashed line extends from the word to where it no longer applies. At the end of the dashed line a new tempo shoul (MORE)

What are legal notations?

A notation is a note of something. So it would be safe to assume  that legal notations are only legal notes.
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Ciii cviii chord notation in classical music?

This usually means a barre, with the roman numeral indicating which fret. So Ciii indicates a barre on the third fret - hold down all strings with the first finger. CVIII (MORE)
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How do you do a hyphen notation?

You write the Symbol of the element, a hyphen and then the mass  number.   i.e. C-14
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What is function notation?

Function notation is a way to name a function that is defined by an equation. For an equation in x and y, the symbol f (x) replaces y and is read as "the value of f at x (MORE)

What is the purpose of music notation?

Without the work of all the great masters notating music, we would today have no music to read or play. Music notation, is ... the notation of music ... writing out the notes (MORE)
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Why do you have scientific notation?

Scientific notation makes it easier to express numbers of extremely small or large magnitude. For example, we could either say that something is .00000000068 meters long, or s (MORE)