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What is a musket?

  A smoothbore shoulder fired weapon in use from the late 16th through the 18th century.
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Who was the fourth Musketeer?

That would be d'Artagnan. From the story "The Three Musketeers" by Alexander Dumas. The fourth Musketeer was d'Artagnan, the main character of the book "The Three Musketeers" (MORE)

What is a rifle musket?

A rifle musket is a musket that has a rifled barrel. Until the mid 19th century, the standard infantry weapon of most of the world's armies was a smoothbore, long-barreled, m (MORE)

Who is a musketeer?

A musketeer is literally a person who uses a musket. The word is applied to soldiers. Musketeers appeared in Europe during the Late Middle Ages, but were not used in their own (MORE)

What are musket loops?

A musket loop is a small window through which a musket could be fired without providing a large opening for the attackers to shoot through. See the "Mountjoy Castle" link belo (MORE)

Is a musket a shotgun?

No. A musket is a smooth-bore, muzzel loading weapon designed to  fire a single ball. A shotgun is designed to fire a several pieces  of smaller shot in a single load.
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What does a musket fire?

A musket fires small metal balls (back then made of lead) called musket balls (simple enough:)
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