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Are there opossums in Ontario?

Yes, in fact we live in Courtice Ontario, which is in between Oshawa, and Bowmanville. Last night our neighbour took a few pictures of a opossum on his back deck eating some f (MORE)

What is a municipal system?

A municipal system is anything that has to do with a city or town.  The day-to-day operations of a city are part of the municipal  system. The water supply and other resourc (MORE)

What is municipal court?

it is a lower court which usually tries criminal misdemeanors and civil lawsuits involving lesser amounts of money than superior, district or county courts. The authority, imp (MORE)

How is municipality different from municipal corporation?

Without looking up the specific Ohio Revised/Administrative Codes, a municipality is considered a city that has not been incorporated and must follow the States Revised/Admini (MORE)

What is a municipal library?

  It is a library owned and operated by a city.    Most municipal libraries are not owned or operated by the actual city in which the exist. Typically, a separate (MORE)
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Where do Ontario grapes grow in Ontario?

Ontario Grapes Grow in somewhere up north like in sudbury or sue st. Marie -Lout Fri Dec 12 2008 My answer is based on personal experience. The grapes in Ontario grow in the (MORE)

What is a municipality?

A municipality is an administrative entity composed of a clearly defined territory and its population and commonly denotes a city,town,or village. A municipality is typically (MORE)

Can a school district be considered a Municipality?

A school district would not be considered a municipality, but could  reside within a municipality or offer education services to the  children within a municipality. Most mu (MORE)

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