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Are there opossums in Ontario?

Yes, in fact we live in Courtice Ontario, which is in between Oshawa, and Bowmanville. Last night our neighbour took a few pictures of a opossum on his back deck eating some f (MORE)

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What is the capital of Ontario?

The capital city of Ontario, Canada is Toronto. Ontario also contains Canada's capital city, Ottawa (on the border with Quebec). Toronto
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What is a municipal system?

A municipal system is anything that has to do with a city or town.  The day-to-day operations of a city are part of the municipal  system. The water supply and other resourc (MORE)

What is municipal court?

it is a lower court which usually tries criminal misdemeanors and civil lawsuits involving lesser amounts of money than superior, district or county courts. The authority, imp (MORE)
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Who found Ontario?

Ontario was founded on June 11, 1883, by developers William Morfitt, Mary Richardson, Daniel Smith, and James Virtue
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What is the motto of Ontario?

The Ontario Provincial licence plates have the motto..........   Yours To Discover, on them.   The official motto is " loyal she began, loyal she remains ".   Jim B i (MORE)
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Is Ottawa in Ontario?

Yes, Ottawa is a city in the province of Ontario and also the capital of Canada.
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Can a school district be considered a Municipality?

A school district would not be considered a municipality, but could  reside within a municipality or offer education services to the  children within a municipality. Most mu (MORE)