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What is mutation?

A mutation is a permanent change in the DNA sequence of a gene. Mutations in a gene's DNA sequence can alter the amino acid sequence of the protein encoded by the gene. How d ( Full Answer )
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What is a mutation?

A mutation is simply a change in your genes or DNA sequence. Thetypes of mutations in biology are: substitution, insertion,deletion, and frame-shift. Contrary to popular beli ( Full Answer )
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Can you mutate?

Humans can mutate, but not as drastically as in comics and movies. Cancer is a form of mutation of the cells in the human body. Most mutations do not have any positive effects ( Full Answer )
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What does a mutation do?

Depending on the type of mutation, it can either result in a harmless change in codon sequence, or death due to mixed complications, such as those exhibited by chromosomal mut ( Full Answer )
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What do mutations do to you?

They damage your DNA, which can cause the production of abnormal cellular products or abnormal production of cellular products. Better: Mutations can copy, delete, or shift ( Full Answer )
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What kind of mutation is an inherited mutation?

An inherited mutation is a mutation that gets passed through the genes. Two examples are achondroplasia (dwarfism) or hemophilia (where your blood loses its ability to clot)
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What type of mutation is a point mutation?

A point mutation is when 1 base pair is swapped out for another one... so instead of an A you might find a C... or T... or G. Also an insertion or deletion of a base pair ( Full Answer )
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Is point mutation a frameshift mutation?

Not all point mutations result in a frameshift. However, if the point mutation is an insertion or deletion, then it does result in a frameshift. This occurs because amino acid ( Full Answer )
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What are the impact of mutations and how mutations can have no impact?

Mutations are usually anomalies in the sequence of a particular strand of DNA. The change is the sequence can be of various kinds and their individual effects vary. Sometimes ( Full Answer )
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What will mutations do?

mutuation is not benefical..for example sometimes mutuation occurs in genes and they start to divide cell at high frequency and in this way cancer cells produced