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Was Eileen Davidson really a man?

  According to reports, she is not and has never been a man. The rumor began around 1985 but really picked up steam when a transsexual appeared on Donahue who resembled Ei (MORE)
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What is special about Eileen Fisher pants?

There appears to be nothing special about Eileen Fisher pants. They look just the same as any other brand of pants. However they are very expensive to buy.
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What is the song Come on Eileen about?

The song is about the lead singer's relationship with a childhood friend. Though regrettably, as they grew up, their love for each other grew from platonic to a lust, which he (MORE)
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Is there a Saint Eileen?

Eileen comes from the Irish Gaelic names Eilin and Aibhilin. boith of these names come from Norman French and are versions of Ava or Aveline. A little know saint, Saint Ava of (MORE)

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