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What is myelination?

The process by which the axons are covered and insulated by layers of fat cells, which increases the speed at which information travels through the nervous system.
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What is myelin composed of?

Scwhann cells, a type of glial cell, wrap their membranes around neuronal axons many times to form the myelin sheath. It is mostly composed of lipids (fats)
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Myelin is defined as?

a soft, white, fatty material in the membrane of Schwann cells and certain neuroglial cells
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Myelin is formed by?

Myelin is made of lipids of proteins, but it functions slightly differently depending on where in our nervous system it's employed. Our body has a Peripheral Nervous System th (MORE)
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What does the myelin do in the eye?

Demyelination in the brain and its effects on the optic nerve can cause objects directly ahead to be blurred in one eye, and eventually lead to blindness in that eye.
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What is myelin sheets?

The fibre that carries impulses to the effector organ is called axon which is covered by a sheath made of a fatty material called myelin. The myelin then insulates the axon pr (MORE)