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What is Myostatin?

Myostatin is a protein that is in the human body. It is speciallyencoded by the MSTN gene and is usually in the skeletal musclecells to inhibit muscle growth and differentiati (MORE)
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How can you find out if a child has a myostatin deficiency?

When you see your baby abs showing a little at that age and muscleon the back and arms. You will see that they have myostatin. Whenyou don't see any. When they are one years o (MORE)
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Can Myostatin supplementation in turn lower natural Myostatin levels?

My human physiology is a bit rusty but if I remember correctly hormone supplementation can inhibit the body's ability to produce that hormone on its own. So my question is thi (MORE)
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What is Myostatin usually used for?

Myostatin is a protein which is found in certain persons. It is made in the cells of muscles, and is carried through ones blood stream where it attaches itself to other muscle (MORE)