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What does myriad mean?

Primarily a noun but also used as an adjective, myriad means an indefinite, very large number. Examples:. "A myriad of lightning bugs illuminated the trees." (noun) . "I w (MORE)

Who created the typeface Myriad Pro and when?

Creators of Myriad Pro Myriad Pro is a typeface developed for Adobe Systems by Robert Slimbach, Carol Twombly, Christopher Slye, and Fred Brady in 2000. Myriad Pro is an Open (MORE)
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What are the myriad of colors?

Myriad is defined as ten thousand or great multiples, derived from the Greek. A myriad of colors, used as a noun - or myriad colors, used as an adjective - is a literary or po (MORE)

Should you use Of after myriad in a sentence?

When used as a noun, yes. Myriad as a noun requires something definite that exists in a large number. Myriad as an adjective requires something to describe (as countless or i (MORE)

What is gta myriad island?

Myriad Island in GTA. or Grand Theft Auto, is a community mapproject. It is a total conversion and full replacement game map.