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What makes a mystery a mystery?

short sentences to create suspense. atmosphere need be scary could have things like mosters,muders or murderer and a mysterious house. mystery story is like a suspense ( Full Answer )
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What is the mystery of who god is?

There is no mystery of who he is. The bible will share anything and everything about who God is. God is everything and everyone, (Deuteronomy 4:24) "For the LORD your God is a ( Full Answer )
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Why is god the mystery of mysteries?

This probably refers to the idea that we can't know the essence of God; He is far superior to human beings, so we can know some things about Him - some of His attributes, like ( Full Answer )
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Is the mystery spot a real mystery?

I have been there several times. Gravity is all screwed up. Balls roll up hill, people change heights, compasses spin out of control and you can stand perfectly comfortable fe ( Full Answer )
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What is the Mystery in the Winchester Mystery House?

In 1881 Sara Winchester moved to San Jose CA. The lone ayer the 20 million dollars of the Winchester Repeating Rife Co. Adjusted to 2010 dollars is equivalent to 4.186 billion ( Full Answer )
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How do beat mystery shack mystery?

first you open a droor and get a head then open the one under that you get a battery coins and a key next to the droors you will see a little hand click on it it with be that ( Full Answer )