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How to get the mystic ticket?

people say you can get the mystic ticket by spelling mystic with the unknowns but it is not true so if you want the mystic ticket you need either hack or go to a Nintendo even (MORE)

What is a mystic?

A type of witch. They are identified by a tattoo on their right hip, that is an intricate pattern. They can cast spells, and they are ALL females( boys are considered witchdoc (MORE)

Who sang Into The Mystic?

Into the Mystic was both written and sung by northern Irish artist Van Morrison and featured on his 1970 album Moondance. The sung was subsequently redone and released by Cana (MORE)

What is a mystical exsperience?

  The broadest answer to "What is a mystical experience?" that doesn't get lost in vagueness is that you have an "expansive" feeling of connection with people and things s (MORE)

What is mystical?

  -adjective 1. mystic; occult. 2. of or pertaining to mystics or mysticism: mystical writings. 3. spiritually symbolic. 4. Rare. obscure in meaning; mysterious.   -adj (MORE)

What is mysticism about?

being divine       Mysticism is the direct, personal experience of the Divine, usually through a lifetime of ascetic exercise and meditation. Some religions encoura (MORE)
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Is mystical an adjective?

Yes. The word mystical is an adjective form of the noun mysticism.  The word "mystic" is used both as a noun (a person) and an  adjective.
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