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What is a myth?

  A tale that uses supernatural themes to explain the practices  of a particular culture  /  A story with great explanatory and cultural value to a society
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What is a good myth?

Well,It might be a bit babyish but a good myth is called The Boy Who Loved Bears! Its ok but maybe a bit babyish
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Why do you have myths?

1. To explain natural events like thunder and lightning or why the leaves change colors in the fall. 2. They also explain a point like why war is bad or why you shouldn't bra (MORE)

Who is in a myth?

what myth, everything myth or is it not. Who know if those stories are true or not, I say that everything is myth. Start using your head please

Was Jesus a Historical myth - a Philosophical myth or a Poetical myth?

Jesus Christ (Joshua Bar-Joseph) is an actual historical figure.  His existence has been confirmed by the historian Josephus,  although it is a very tenuous reference. You h (MORE)

What makes a Greek myth a myth?

A myth is a traditional story that explains a natural or social  phenomenon and usually involves supernatural beings. Greek myths  involve the Greek gods and demi-gods and e (MORE)

Was Sacagawea a myth?

No, she was a real woman, a Shoshone woman who guided Lewis and Clark when they made their historic journey west.
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