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What is myth busting?

when you bust a myth it means you've proven it wrong like saying oil will sink in salt water (not true just an example) and then you do and experament and prove it wrong you h (MORE)

What is the point of myths?

To explain things unknown at the moment when the myth was created and to justify certain unpleasant or unfair facts or situations. The human mind NEEDS explanations.
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What was the Dolchstoss myth?

The social theory prevalent in Germany post-WWI that spread the idea of domestic betrayal. Stated that Germany lost the war not because the army was not strong enough to conti (MORE)

Are there myths about Leprosy?

  There are many myths.   1) Leprosy is incurable   It can be cured through a multi drug therapy.   2) You can get Leprosy from someone by touching their skin.  (MORE)

What rhymes with myth?

Lithe, pith, scythe, smith, with, Sith sixth fifth blyth, b'rith, dith, fifth, fithe, frith, pith, scythe, smith, smyth, stith, with, withe, writhe, forthwith, herewith, ledwi (MORE)

What was the purpose of myths?

To explain how the wold work. The ancient people wanted to  understand why the rain was, why they could use the fire, etc., and  they didn't really have scientifical experie (MORE)

What is the myth of Pandora?

In Greek mythology, Pandora was the first human woman. As Hesiod related it, each god helped create her by giving her unique gifts. Zeus ordered Hephaestus to mold her out of (MORE)

What makes a Greek myth a myth?

A myth is a traditional story that explains a natural or social  phenomenon and usually involves supernatural beings. Greek myths  involve the Greek gods and demi-gods and e (MORE)

Why did myths develop?

Mythology, like most religion, explains the unexplainable. Ancient people didn't understand basic concepts of science, so they needed to know why the dew appeared at night and (MORE)

What is the Myth of Er?

This is a story told by Plato... but the word "myth" used here  actually meant word or account, so there is a possibility that it  could be an accurate account of what the m (MORE)