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Do you salute pows?

It is not mandatory but is considered a courtesy. If you are working under a old fashioned camp commander, and you do not salute the high ranking POW officer, you may get a ve (MORE)

Where in Wells were there POW camps?

There was a POW camp on the outsirts of Wells on the Wookey Hole Road, which mainly housed German prisoners.  The site, known as Penleigh Works, was taken over by EMI Electr (MORE)

Is Caf Pow a real drink?

Yes and no. The drinks given to the actress on set are often just juice and do not contain caffeine. However; the character is supposed to be drinking an energy drink fill (MORE)

What were POW camps in the Vietnam war?

  See website: Prisoner-of-war Camp (there is a list of POW camps on this site)
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Where can you get caf-pow?

Caf-Pow is a fictional drink..... It's not real so you can't buy it..... Actually Caf-Pow is a real drink and you can purchase it on CBS's Website 6 cans for 17.00.
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Is there a list of POW camps in Austria?

There were several POW camps located in Austria. These include  Ailingen, Bregenz, Ering, Muran, Lustenau, as well as St. Peter /  Winberg.
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What were conditions like for the POWs of the Japanese army?

  Answer   The conditions were appaling for anyone who was a POW in the hands of the Japanese.Japan did not sign the Geneva Aggrement,which meant if you were a pow o (MORE)

What were some American POW camps?

  There were 13 US named POW camps; all within the vicinity of Hanoi (Capital of N. Vietnam): Alcatraz, Briarpatch, Camp Faith, Plantation, Rockpile (not to be confused wi (MORE)

Was Stephen Douglas holloway a POW?

  There is no record of any member of any service with the last name "Holloway" on the official U.S. Government POW/MIA lists for Vietnam, Korea, or the Cold War. Impers (MORE)