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Do you salute pows?

It is not mandatory but is considered a courtesy. If you are working under a old fashioned camp commander, and you do not salute the high ranking POW officer, you may get a ve (MORE)

Were there any POW camps in Michigan?

Yes. I know for a fact that there was a WWII POW Camp in Blissfield, MI. Blissfield is located near the Ohio state line. The war camp was located on what is now Beamer Rd. I a (MORE)

Where can you get caf-pow?

Caf-Pow is a fictional drink..... It's not real so you can't buy it..... Actually Caf-Pow is a real drink and you can purchase it on CBS's Website 6 cans for 17.00.
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What is a POW WOW?

Well POW is Prisoner Of War wow may be wierd office world    DWMATTES answer:   A Native American Pow Wow in modern days is a convention of nations. There are no ac (MORE)
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What is pow gai?

Chinese equivalent of poker. played with a stack of dominoes. center stack is a draw pile for both players. stack is layed and players pick their hand. each domino has a value (MORE)

How were Nazi POWs treated?

Generally well, they were also kept in camps, most famously in Yorkshire, Scotland and Canada. At the end of the war it was different, Eisenhower decreed that the POWs could (MORE)

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