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What are nachos made of?

Nachos are crisply fried corn tortilla chips, which are dipped or covered with cheese sauce and often jalapeno peppers. As a meal rather than a snack, other toppings are added (MORE)
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What came out first nacho or taco doritos?

    My earliest recollections from the early 70's was that there were originally 3 available flavors of Doritos: Corn (just plain tortilla chips), Taco and Nacho Chees (MORE)
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In the movie nacho libre what does nacho libre mean?

Free Nachos? Haha no it does not mean "Free Nachos". Nacho is actually a nickname for the spanish name Ignacio. In the movie, Jack Black's name is Ignacio so in the ring he (MORE)
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How do you make nachos?

Basic Nachos - Corn chips cheddar cheese, grated or melted jalapeno peppers Arrange the corn chips on a shallow baking pan. Sprinkle the cheese over the chips. Sprinkl (MORE)

What does buenas nachos mean?

hi,   it means "good night"   ***CORRECTION***   Close, but not quite...   This is a made-up phrase and actually a play-on-words.   "Buenas N-o-c-h-e-s" means (MORE)

What cheese do you use for nachos?

Any type of cheese is great for nachos. It is primarily your  preference. The most common cheeses used in classic nachos are  cheddar or monterey jack. Pepper jack is very g (MORE)

How do you cook nachos?

The best nachos have the best guachamole. I have found the best way to make guachamole is; 1 ovocado 1 to 2 cloves of crushed garlic splash of olive oil 1 spoon of sou (MORE)

When do Mexicans eat nachos?

well ithink mexicans dont eat nachos because they dont originate from mexico cause nachos are made with chedder cheese and mexicans dont have chedder cheese look maybe they ea (MORE)

What is the average price of a bowl of nachos?

  $4.20 but only in the U.S. and Canada. At Chili's you can even get a plate for the same price!
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Does puerto rico eat tortilla nachos?

Yep! Like every other place in the world, we eat nachos. But that's not our traditional food. The tortillas are from Mexico, we instead eat plantain, rice and beans with any k (MORE)