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What were two of the targets of Ralph Nader consumer movement?

The two main industries were the meatpacking industry and the auto industry. He targeted the meatpacking industry because of it's unsanitary work conditions. The other and mai (MORE)

Who are the raiders rivals?

In the days of the Steel Curtain, the Steelers were huge rivals with the Raiders meeting them several seasons in a row in the playoffs. They don't play as much anymore partly (MORE)

Would Ralph Nader be a good president?

yes he can he is a consumer advocate he is a registered independent. He talks about how both parties corrupt the political process. He has great ideas on the environment corpo (MORE)

Who is Nader Shah?

  Muhammed Nadir Shah (born on April 9, 1883 in Dehra Dun) was king of Afghanistan from October 15, 1929 until his assassination in 1933. Nadir Shah was born in Dehra Dun (MORE)

What is reaching nader after bone marrow transplant?

Nader is basically getting to the lowest level of cells in the bone marrow. If cancer is suspected, you irradiate and give chemo to kill off all cells in the bone marrow, beca (MORE)
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What is Ralph Nader most known for?

Ralph Nader is known for many things. He is a political activist and author, as well as an attorney. He often goes on the lecturing circuit, and has been a candidate in the Un (MORE)