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What does nadir mean?

Answer 1. an extreme state of adversity; lowest point of anything 2 . the point below the observer that is directly opposite the zenith on the imaginary sphere agains (MORE)
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What is a sentence for the word Nadir?

Pakistan seems to have reached the nadir of its long history because of the daily bombings and loss of innocent lives.
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Nadir in a sentence?

Ongoing algorithmic NSA warrantless wiretaps represent the nadir of fourth amendment privacy protections of everyday citizens, journalists and whistleblowers alike.
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What is the verb for nadir?

Nadir, being the lowest point in a series of measured levels, is accepted in both noun and verb forms. To speak of tumor markers after treatment for certain cancers, they will (MORE)
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How can you write a sentence using nadir?

"He had enjoyed most of his educational career, except for his wretched freshman year, which had been the nadir of his existence."
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What does off nadir mean?

For all practical purposes, nadir is direction of Earth's center. For instance, when using sensors or cameras to look at the Earth's surface from above, "nadir pointing" means (MORE)
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What type of name is Nadir?

Nadir is a Name of a true LEGEND he is a really skuxx guy and you are really lucky if you meet him.
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How did Nadir and Erik become friends?

Erik went to Persia and build torture devices for the Shah of Persia. The Shah thought that Erik could still do his work blind, and were going to have him blinded. They decide (MORE)