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Do Nagisa and Tomoya ever kiss?

Yes,Ive seen it somewhere,but not in the actual series yet.I bet its in the after-story.
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Did nagisa from clannad die after she had ushio?

It's very sad and yes nagisa dies after giving birth to ushio. It tears tamoya up and starts to work full time at his job, while blowing his money away on non-work days. Somet (MORE)

What episode does hanon meet nagisa?

Hanon meets Nagisa in episode 4 of mermaid melody pichi pichi pitch pure though he was seen in episode 3
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Does Nagisa die in Clannad?

SPOILER** In general, Nagisa does not die in the series Clannad. But if you continue to watch the after story, when Nagisa and Tomoya get married, Nagisa passes away giving (MORE)

Why did Nagisa Furukawa have to die in Clannad?

because it was already given from the start that she had a weak body and had that accident back when she was young which made her very weak. Because of her body being weak she (MORE)
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the 5s because it has better service but it dosent have diffrent  colrs just silver gold and black
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Does nagisa find out hano is a mermaid?

no, and masahiro does't know that lina is a mermaid either. unless you count the final episode - mermaid melody pichi pichi pitch pure episode 39 onward to that dream - in whi (MORE)