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What is a religious relic?

----------------------- A religious relic is an object of veneration usually associated with the Roman Catholic Church, alleged to be either the remains of a saint's body or (MORE)

What is a nail?

A nail is a pin-shaped, sharp object of hard metal, typically steel, used as a fastener.   Nails can be pointed, non sharp, or even so thin that the eye has a hard time see (MORE)
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Where is the relic crown on pokemon black?

to find relic crown you need to have a pokemon that knows surf and dive.Then go to undella bay and use dive to get to the abyssal ruins.In the 1st floor you have to find all t (MORE)

What were the Relics of Feudalism?

Also called aristocratic privileges, where french pesants still had  obligations to use their local landlords that they deeply resented.
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Do mosques contain relics of the founder?

Answer 1   It is not clear what is meant by founder whether the founder of the  mosque or the founder of Islam.   As for the founder of the mosque, it is forbidden to (MORE)
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What does a relic do?

A relic is an item which is important to religious people because it belonged to a religious figure. i.e. Jesus' hair...

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What is the purpose of a relic?

There are many purposes of a relic, here's a couple: Relics can be used to just remind one of a particular saint. They can also be used to wear. For example, on a necklace, br (MORE)