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What is the opossum's prey?

They sometimes eat things like mice, and maybe small birds. But they usually eat carrion (dead animals), slugs, snails, and berries.

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What are prey for the ferret?

Ferrets are domesticated and are totally dependent on humans for food and survival. However, they have still retained some natural instincts and might prey on small, animals s (MORE)
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What is a hyena's prey?

Hyenas will virtually eat anything that is big enough to fill therestomach but small enough not to hurt them. They are terriblecowards. They tend to prey on the young of many (MORE)
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What preys on the muskrat?

Muskrats provide an important food resource for many other animals including minks, foxes, coyotes, wolves, lynx, bears, eagles,, snakes, alligators,, and large owls and hawks (MORE)
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What is prey?

Prey is the victim of a predator, biologically whatever something else eats (or in some cases parasitizes, as food for its young). Otherwise stated, prey is a killed organism (MORE)

What is a rabbits prey?

A rabbit doesn't have any prey as they are herbivores and only eat plants etc. Rabbits don't really have "prey'' because they are vegetarians. They eat grass, pellets, dandel (MORE)

What is a deer's prey?

Deers eat grasses and plants, not prey. They are herbivores, not carnivores, therefore not predators. Deer eat grasses and plants. They themselves are prey of big cats, wolv (MORE)