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Who is Sam Nicholson?

Answer . Samantha Morgan Nicholson was born in London on March 21, 1988. She now resides in Bangor, PA. After a brief appearance on the Montel Williams Show, producers from (MORE)

Who does Georgia nicholson end up with?

Sigh..... I was team Robbie ALL the way, but georiga got over him!:( She started going out with Masimo but he left for London with the stiff dylans. Georiga ends up with Dave (MORE)

Does Jack Nicholson have kids?

Jack Nicholson has officially 4 children, but there are 2 other children reported to be his as well. Jack's children: - a daughter with Sandra Knight (Jennifer, born 1963) (MORE)

Who is roland nicholson jr?

Roland Nicholson Roland Nicholson, born February 8, 1950 was elected Chairman of the Fortune Society in 1997. He is an ordained minister and jazz bassist He is also a consu (MORE)
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Is Jack Nicholson a Jew?

No, Jack Nicholson ("The Joker") is not Jewish. He was born  Catholic.   It's a misconstrued rumour that he was born to a Jewish Latvian  father.   He in his own rig (MORE)
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What films was jack nicholson nominated for?

Jack Nicholson holds the Academy Awards record as the most-nominated male actor with 12. He has won three times, which ties him with Walter Brennan for most wins by a male ac (MORE)

Is Jack Nicholson the actor dead?

He is very much alive. Born John Joseph Nicholson April 22, 1937 (1937-04-22) (age 73) New York City, New York, U.S.
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