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Can you bulk up from usin nandrolone decanoate?

Yes you can. First of all I'm not a doctor. You can inject it once a week at a dose of around 600mgs or a week. Sometimes more but with a larger dose it is accompanied by mor (MORE)
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Which drug is the worst drug?

All drugs are bad, you shouldn't do any but I'd have to say that  Crystal Meth is the worst, Crack, Heroine and Ecstacy (even though  ecstacy is popular at rave parties, its (MORE)
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Aids drugs and drug test?

  To the best of my knowledge, antivirals and the cocktail used to combat aids are not tested for and do not appear on "drug tests". Far more extensive tests exist however (MORE)

What drug-drug interactions does doxofylline have?

Drugs that may interact with Doxofylline are Allopurinol, Cimetidine, Clindamycin, Eythromycin, Lincomycin, Propranolol, and Ranitidine. There may be other drugs that react wi (MORE)

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What are drugs?

A drug is a substance, either natural or chemical, that can help you heal if taken correctly, or do a lot of damages if taken abusively. They work by altering the structure (MORE)

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