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Why was the Nanjing Massacre significant?

It was significant because of the extreme brutality and violence tonon-combatants, including cruel and unusual torture, murder, andrape over a week's time as the conquering so (MORE)

What happened in nanjing?

Prior to the general outbreak of World War II, war raged betweenChina and Japan. In late 1937, Japanese forces occupied theimportant Chinese city of Nanjing (or, Nanking). Alt (MORE)

What did the treaty of nanjing do?

The Treaty of Nanjing ended the First Opim War in 1842, Britain made china pay a huge indemnity (payment for losses in the war). Britain also gained Hong Kong. It gave the (MORE)

What was the Raping of Nanjing?

The Raping of Nanking (sometimes spelled as Nanjing) was a warcrime committed by the Japanese in World War 2. During theincident, the Japanese massacred the Chinese.

What impact did the treaty of nanjing have on China?

Tensions between the Chinese and British led to what became known as the Opium War in 1839. Chinese weapons and military tactics were no match for the British gunboats. The Ch (MORE)

What did Britain gain from the treaty of nanjing?

Britian recieved a huge indemnity, or payment for losses in war. The British also gained the island of Hong Kong. China had to open five ports to foreign trade and grant Briti (MORE)