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How do you get a job as a nanny?

You have two basic options:. 1.) JOIN AN AGENCY - this usually requires a personal interview, backround checks, drug checks, CPR training, and more, depending on the agency (MORE)

What is nanny?

A nanny is someone who is hired to care for children on a part-time or full-time basis. I was a nanny for several sets of twins, and my responsibilities included but were not (MORE)

What do you get your nanny to do?

The basic job responsibilities of a nanny are playing with the children, maintaining their general health and safety, and picking up after the children as they make messes thr (MORE)
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How do you find a nanny?

The best way to find a nanny is through a nanny agency. You won't have to go through the hiring process, and if you find yourself unhappy with the nanny the agency assigns you (MORE)

Who were the actors in the Nanny?

Ann Morgan Guilbert. Yetta Rosenberg. Rachel Chagall . Valerie "Val" Toriello. Madeline Zima . Grace Sheffield. Benjamin Salisbury . Brighton Sheffield. Nicholle To (MORE)