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What are nanny mcphees 5 medals for?

Courage, Kindness, Resolve, Enthusiasm, Leap of Faith     In Nanny McPhee returns, Nanny McPhee had seven medals;  courage(Cyril), kindness(Celia), resolve(Megsie),  (MORE)

What does nanny mean in Swedish?

The word "nanny" doesn't really mean anything in Swedish, although you can sometimes hear it in contexts where someone refers to a situation in an English-speaking country, an (MORE)

Who was George VI's first nanny?

No, Marion Crawford was the nanny George VI hired to care for his two daughters, the present queen and her sister - Elizabeth II and Margaret. George VI's abusive nanny was e (MORE)

Is nanny capitalized?

only if you call the person you are speaking about Nanny ex. I have a nanny ex. Today I said hello to Nanny in the kitchen
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Who made the nanny show?

co-produced by Sternin & Fraser Ink, Inc. and Highschool Sweethearts in association with TriStar Television for the CBS network. Created and executive produced by Drescher and (MORE)

What is the young of a nanny goat?

Female goats are referred to as does or nannies, intact males as bucks or billies; their offspring are kids. (Many goat breeders prefer the terms "buck" and "doe" to "billy" a (MORE)