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What is a nanni poem?

  Hello,   It is a modern style derived from an Indian-style of composition. It contains four lines in one stanza, which contains a syllable count of 20-25. The topic i (MORE)

What was the car's name in Nanny and the Professor?

The car, which stood out as this was a contemporary, not old-time  series, was a Model A Ford convertible roadster, two place. It  belonged to the professor. Vintage Cars ar (MORE)

What do you get your nanny to do?

The basic job responsibilities of a nanny are playing with the children, maintaining their general health and safety, and picking up after the children as they make messes thr (MORE)

Is nanny capitalized?

only if you call the person you are speaking about Nanny ex. I have a nanny ex. Today I said hello to Nanny in the kitchen
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What was the show after The Nanny?

  There is no show after it. Those 147 episodes of the nanny are all there is. There isn't a sequel.   By the way, I must tell you before you are misinformed, but "livi (MORE)

How do you evict the nanny?

  If the nanny was living there, he or she could be considered a "tenant" whose "rent" was deducted from salary. Therefore, you would need to follow all local laws and reg (MORE)

What is nanny mcphee?

It is a film with Emma Thomson in it. Nanny McPhee herself is a magical army nanny who teaches children how to behave properly and be kind.
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Do the Gosselins have a nanny?

During season 2, the Gosselins hired a babysitter from nannies4hire. She is no longer there, but recently they have said on newer episodes that they will never have a nanny.  (MORE)