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What is the difference between gold colloids and gold nanoparticles?

Gold colloids have multiple definitions. They have been used for many years as a dietary supplement (see Gold colloids provide the body with mi (MORE)

How do you calculate surface atom of nanoparticles?

Volume of an atom of radius r = 4/3πr3 Volume ofnanoparticle of radius R = 4/3πR3 Volume of the particle = n (volume of the atom) 4/3πR3 = n 4/3πr3 R = n1/3r Number of (MORE)

Why do nanoparticles pass through the skin and travel round the body more easily than normal sized particles of titanium oxide?

Because they have red blood molecules of high intermolecular forces with under 20nm which allows it to quickly travel unlike normal sized particles in titanium oxide which are (MORE)