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What are nanoparticles?

A nanoparticle is a small object that behaves as a whole unit in terms of its transport and properties.
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Uses of nanoparticles?

Nanoparticles are used in sunscreens. They offer protection and can be rubbed in so they block harmful ultraviolet light from the sun without white marks on the skin . This is ( Full Answer )
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How are nanoparticles manufactured?

on a small scale in the lab there are many different ways. Most scientists have to do a search in existing litrature to find a way of making nanoparticles similar to what they ( Full Answer )
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How big are nanoparticles?

The question is little wrong since nano particles are very small and not visible to naked eyes. Their range is described in micrometers.
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What is aggregation of nanoparticles?

Aggrgation of nanoparticles is where they stick together. This is undesirable in nanoparticle solutions, we want each nanoparticle to remain seperate. To combat this differing ( Full Answer )
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Are nanoparticles safe?

yes, inject them into your skin when ever possible, directly into the vains on your wrist is the best area, they transform you into pigeons. Nano-particles can only be detecte ( Full Answer )
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Why are nanoparticles used?

Because they give us an advantage and we can make things that we probably thought wouldn't be possible before. Nanoparticles can be used to make cameras the size of a dust par ( Full Answer )
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How do you prepare nanoparticles?

There are a number of different synthetic routes to produce silver nano particles. One of these methods is the wet chemistry method. There are also several wet chemical method ( Full Answer )
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What nanoparticles are in Mascaras?

they are in the because it help the nano-particles stick to the face e.g. mascara. it has a chemical reaction with the other chemicals in the mascara. but they can all so be ( Full Answer )
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What do nanoparticles do in mascara?

Get people to pay more. It's just a marketing gimmick. "Nanoparticles" means, basically, "really really small bits." So a company advertising that their mascara has "nanopa ( Full Answer )