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What is nanorobotics?

"Nanorobotics", "medical nanorobotics", "medical nanorobot", or simply "nanorobot", is an emerging technology field comprised of multidisciplinary subjects such as quantum ele (MORE)
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How nanorobots used in medical applications like treatment of cancer disease?

Nanorobots, also known as nanites and nanobots, will be able to destroy cancer cells by going through your body and incinerating any cancer cells from the inside. This way, yo (MORE)
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Who is the inventor of first nanorobot?

Dr. Adriano Cavalcanti has invented the first practical hardware architecture for nanorobot as a CMOS nanoelectronics circuit. The first nanorobot prototype is integrated usin (MORE)
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Why you go for nanorobotics from robotics?

Nanorobotics is the technology of creating machines or robots at or close to the microscopic scale of a nanometer. Nanorobotic devices will be a boon to the biomedical researc (MORE)
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Does nanorobots use vectors for drug delivery?

Yeah, but the vectors are activated via RF, remotely. If you turn a humidifier on 100% and wear am aluminum foil lined hat, it will interrupt their reception.