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How long is a nanosecond?

Not very ;-). A nanosecond is one billionth of a second, which is0.000,000,001 s. Written in engineering notation, that's 1E-9 s. Think of it this way: Take one second, and ch ( Full Answer )
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What is nanoseconds used for?

Time. A nanosecond is 0.0000000001 of a second, a thousand millionth part. A frequency of 1Ghz, a slow CPU by todays standards, will complete 1 function cycle in 1 nanosecond. ( Full Answer )
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What is faster 210 nanoseconds or 2 nanoseconds?

Same answer as if you replaced the word "nanoseconds" with the word "years". Let me show you how to do it: What is faster, 210 years or 2 years ? Now can you guess ?
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What does a nanosecond represent?

A nanosecond is the (1/1000000000) th part of a second. It is a very small unit and is also represented as 1 ns=10 -9 s.
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How many is 2.2 nanoseconds?

"Nano" (as a prefix for any kind of unit) means billionth. One nanosecond = 0.000 000 001 seconds.
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What is the symbol for nanosecond?

Its the U with the line on it. Making it have a tail on the left and right side
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When was the nanosecond created?

Just as a second is a fractional part of a minute (1/60th) and an hour is a fractional part of a day (1/24th), a nanosecond is a fractional part of a second, which is one-bill ( Full Answer )
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How do you figure a nanosecond?

You take one second of time, like the space between two ticks of a clock, and you slice it up into a billion equal pieces of time. Each piece lasts for one nanosecond.