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What was the Edict of Nantes?

In 1598, King Henry IV- who was raised a Protestant- issued the Edict of Nantes , granting religious freedom in most ofFrance. It basically established civil rights for the Hu (MORE)
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Is the city in France spelled Nante or Nantes?

Nantes. It is singular like the name Charles or the French spelling of Georges. The city is famous for the Edict of Nantes. At one time it had a Transporter Bridge based in pa (MORE)
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Where is nantes located?

Nantes is a city that is located in West France on the Loire River.As of 2008, Nantes has a population of 283,288.
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What was the purpose of the Edict of Nantes?

It gave basic rights to Protestants (Huguenots) living in France, which was a Catholic country and had long persecuted it's non-Catholic minorities. It allowed them to prac (MORE)
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The edict of nantes guaranteed to the of the France?

The Edict Of Nantes, put into place by France in 1598 gave equal rights to all Protestants living in France (which was a heavily Catholic country). The declaration of the edic (MORE)
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What happened to the Edict of Nantes?

It was ended during the reign of King Louis XIV who decided that the religion of the King would be the religion of the Nation. The Calvinist would convert back to Catholicism. (MORE)
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How old do you have to be to go to nant b.h?

Well to go to nant b.h the 1st thing that you have to be is if you are going with school you have to be in year 5 and you have to be9 or 10 if you are going with school but if (MORE)
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What problems did the edict of nantes cause?

the edict of nantes was a treaty between two different homosexual religion groups. One who suck penis and others who take it in the butt. King henry IV of Navarres was one to (MORE)
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Where is Nantes France located?

In the west, where Loire river goes into the sea Nantes is located in Loire Atlantique departement, in Pays de Loire region
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Where is the Nant Distillery situated?

The Nant Distillery is located in Tasmania in a city named Bothwell. Bothwell is north of Hobart. It is situated on top of a hill next to a valley in Tasmania.