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What was the Edict of Nantes?

In 1598, King Henry IV- who was raised a Protestant- issued the Edict of Nantes , granting religious freedom in most ofFrance. It basically established civil rights for the Hu (MORE)

Edict of Nantes and what did it provide?

Edict of Nantes It was issued in 1598, by king Henry IV Bourbon of France. It was the second document (after The January Edict of 1561) issued by a French sovereign to provi (MORE)
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Is the city in France spelled Nante or Nantes?

Nantes. It is singular like the name Charles or the French spelling of Georges. The city is famous for the Edict of Nantes. At one time it had a Transporter Bridge based in pa (MORE)

Why was the Edict of Nantes revoked?

Louis XIV believed that France should be all one religion and not have different beliefs and ideologies, thus he declared that the Edict of Nantes, which permitted the presenc (MORE)

What was decided for France by the edict of nantes?

Issued in April,1598, the Edict of Nantes put an end to religiouswars that had damaged the unity of France during the second half ofthe 16th century. Henry IV of France, grant (MORE)

What is the Edict of Nantes and why was it important?

The Edict of Nantes was a religious freedoms act in France, underthe reign of King Louis XIV in 1598. The Edict of Nantes protectedthe protestant minority religions in France (MORE)