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Why did Napoleon fight wars in Europe?

Napoleon wanted to expand his influence to all of Europe. He was  very ambitious. But, many times that Napoleon Bonaparte fought, he  was simply responding to another countr (MORE)

What weapons did they use in the Napoleonic War?

The British infantry used the Brown Bess Musket. Some units had the Baker Rifle. Cavalry carried straight swords or sabres. Napoleon thought the rifle too slow to re load. The (MORE)

What do you think of France in the Napoleonic Wars?

The Napoleonic Wars cover the period of 1803 to 1815 which saw France in an almost continuous struggle with various European Coalitions. New countries were created, defeated, (MORE)

What were some war strategies of Napoleon?

ANSWER - In order to engage in the most favourable conditions an enemy army, Napoleon carried out three type of strategies: La manoeuvre sur le derrières (strategic outflank (MORE)

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How did the Napoleonic Wars affect Asia?

As a further addition to the Expert Answer from a knowledgeable  contributor:    There were three batlles of Abukir: That of Abukir Bay, also known  as Battle of the (MORE)