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What is narrative and non narrative text?

A narrative is a story or description of something that happened, might have happened, or could happen. It can be fiction or factual, or a combination of both. Non-narrative (MORE)

What are the features of narrative?

The basic features of a narrative include an orientation, complication and resolution. An orientation is to introduce the audience to the basic "Who, What, When, Where, Why (MORE)
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What is a braided narrative?

A braided narrative begins with two or more separate narratives. At first, they seem unconnected, but eventually they join up, usually shedding light on each other in some way (MORE)

What is narrative fiction?

Narrative fiction is any story (or book) that tells a fictional  tale, or one which is not true.
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What is narrative competency?

  The narrator is the 'person' telling the story and there are many degrees ofintimacy and types involving point-of-view, tone, mood and other factors. Now the competenc (MORE)
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What is a descriptive narrative?

A descriptive narrative is a story that vividly appeals to the  reader's senses using sensory images. These writings have a lot of  descriptive language describing people, e (MORE)

What is 'narreme' in narrative?

the suffix 'eme' is usually used to make a general term into a smaller, more specific term. for example if you want to refer to the entire text and format of the narrators wa (MORE)