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What is a narrative?

A narrative is a sequence of words or pictures that tells a story. The Night Before Christmas ('A visit from St Nicholas' - by Clement Clark Moore) is a classic example of (MORE)

What is narrative competency?

The narrator is the 'person' telling the story and there are many degrees ofintimacy and types involving point-of-view, tone, mood and other factors. Now the competency of (MORE)

What is a simultaneous narrative?

A simultaneous narrative is a type of narrative that has very little visually discernable organization to those who are not acquainted with its purpose. It can focus on geomet (MORE)

What is narrative and non narrative text?

A narrative is a story or description of something that happened, might have happened, or could happen. It can be fiction or factual, or a combination of both. Non-narrative (MORE)

In narratives what is parables in narratives?

A parable is a type of narrative, similar to a fable or allegory.But parable are usually concerned with conveying spiritual truths. Jesus used parables as a teaching method t (MORE)