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Who is the narrator of LittleBigPlanet?

Stephen Fry is the narrator of LittleBigPlanet 1, 2, and PSP. He is a British comedian who has played in many movies, TV shows and more. Recently, he played the voice of The C (MORE)
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Which are the possibilities for a narrator?

he may be naive she may be unreliable he may be a persona for the author ...... but for Apex the answer is All of the above are true. 

What does a narrator do in drama?

A narrator tells the outline of the story/play in as little or as much detail as needed. This depends on the audience and the type of play being acted out. For instance, in a (MORE)
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Who was the narrator in Casablanca?

Lou Marcelle Born in 1909 died in 1989 He was a frequent actor on 1930s radio programs, and the narrator of several movie trailers for Warner Brothers pictures.
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Who is the narrator of twilight?

Twilight, the first book of the series, is written in Bella's perspective. Throughout the series the majority is narrated by Bella Swan. However there is sections that are wri (MORE)

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