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What does 'Nathaniel' mean?

Nathaniel is from the Hebrew conjuction of two words, natan and el. Natan is gave and El is God. So Nathaniel is pronounced Netan'el and means God gave. Nathaniel is Hebrew (MORE)

Why is Nathaniel bacon important?

Problems such as declining tobacco prices, growing commercial  competition from Maryland and the Carolinas, an increasingly  restricted English market, and the rising prices (MORE)

Who was Nathaniel in The Bible?

Nathaniel in the New Testament was a good friend of the Apostle Philip's and became one of Jesus' Apostles later on. He is only seen with the name Nathaniel in the Gospel of J (MORE)
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What is the best for wheeler to get?

Im gonna have to say polaris. It is powerful, sturdy, and it sounds like a big fat tractor when you back it out of the garage. I have 2 and i love them both. You can do anythi (MORE)

What is the answer to 20c plus 5 equals 5c plus 65?

20c + 5 = 5c + 65 Divide through by 5: 4c + 1 = c + 13 Subtract c from both sides: 3c + 1 = 13 Subtract 1 from both sides: 3c = 12 Divide both sides by 3: c = 4
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