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What is nationality?

Nationality means that you and your family come from thecountry. If you and your family nationality is Japanese, then thatmeans you and your family are from Japan. Or if you a (MORE)

What is a nation?

The definition of the word nation is a large aggregate of peopleunited by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabitinga particular country or territory.

What is national?

National means something to do with one nation, or one country. The alternatives are: * 'local', which is to do with a small area only. * 'international', which means s (MORE)

What is nationalisms?

Meaning for the individual comes from the nation, its culture and history. It provides a cause worthy of self sacrifice. A mission that individuals can dedicate themselves to (MORE)

What are nationalities?

A person's nationality is the country of their citizenship. People commonly misuse the word "nationality" in place of "ethnicity," which refers to a person's ancestry, or in s (MORE)
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What is a have and have not nation?

A "have nation" describes a developed, first world country, that have all the latest technologies of the world. A "have not nation" describes a still developing nation that i (MORE)