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How much does an air traffic controller make?

  Answer     Air traffic controllers earn relatively high pay and have good benefits. Median annual earnings of air traffic controllers in May 2004 were $102,030 (MORE)

How can you do to become an air traffic controller engineer?

  Answer   To become an air traffic controller, a person must enroll in an FAA-approved education program and pass a pre-employment test that measures his or her abi (MORE)

How do you reset the service lights on a renault traffic?

In order to reset the service light you need to have either a stand-alone OBD II or an OBD interface for a PC/laptop and suitable software. The idea behind this is that you w (MORE)

How do traffic jams Cause air Pollution?

Traffic jams cause pollution because the vehicle produces the  same amount of exhaust and fumes whether it is sitting or moving.  Traffic jams increase the amount of time ca (MORE)

How is a computer used in air traffic control?

Now days with the more extended use of electronic data strips in the enroute and terminal environments, and the use of radar systems, computers are very extensively used. If y (MORE)

Who has control of helicopter air traffic?

Any controller that covers that particular airport, or if they are VFR "Flight Following", whatever radar controller that covers that area. In other words, helicopters are con (MORE)

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Where do you work when you are an air traffic controller?

An air traffic controller for an airport (ground control or the area close to the airport) work in the control towers we all see when we go to airports. Other controller's w (MORE)