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Where is American military university based out of?

American Military University (AMU) is a regionally and nationally accredited University based in Charles Town, West Virginia and provides all of its programs online to more th (MORE)

Is Liberty University Nationally Accredited?

A national accreditation is not the accreditation you should be looking for in an institution. When choosing a college or university, make sure the institution has a regional (MORE)

What is the national ranking of Syracuse university?

Syracuse University has been traditionally highly ranked university. A decade ago, SU was ranked 30-40. In 2007, SU was ranked 50 national university. I think SU is a great (MORE)

Is national university regionally accredited?

Yes. They are accredited by WASC, which is the same as CSU and UC's. They are non-profit and credits will transfer from any CCC to NU.
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What is the national ranking of Park University?

It does not have a national rank, but it IS one of the best schools  in Missouri and one of the best 100 schools in the Midwest. In the  state of Missouri, it is number 12 o (MORE)

What is the national rank of strayer university?

Strayer is not generally ranked along with traditional colleges and universities in lists published by magazines since it is not focused on traditional students. Strayer stude (MORE)

Is liberty national university accredited?

Liberty is a private school, and shows accreditation from several institutions including BHEA and some regional bodies, and REDAC. In the end accreditation only means that som (MORE)