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What is the difference between society and nation?

A society is just one specific group in a specific location in a  certain region or country in the world, but a nation is everybody  in a lot of societies combined as a whol (MORE)

How do you get in National honor society?

The National Honor Society is a very prestigious club to be inducted into. In order to first be considered a student, usually high school junior but sometimes senior, must hav (MORE)

What is The National Scholars Honor Society?

"The National Scholars Honor Society is a private and independent academic honors organization dedicated to encouraging, recognizing, and rewarding high academic achieveme (MORE)

What impact did Carrie Nation have on society?

Carry Nation worked for the cause of the prohibition of alcohol and succeeded, in 1920, in getting a constitutional amendment that banned alcohol, although that was repealed i (MORE)

What are some accomplishments of the National Audubon Society?

  On a national level, the Audubon society has been conserving land and pushing for important legislation for over a century. The list of legislation created or assisted b (MORE)

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