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What do you give your boss for National Boss Day?

National Boss Day is observed in the US on October 16. The most common gift for National Boss Day would be a card signed by employees. Hallmark has produced Boss Day cards sin (MORE)

What is correct boss's or boss' day?

The form boss's is the singular  possessive form.   Example: I put the memo on my boss's desk.    There is no form boss'. The correct plural possessive form  is b (MORE)

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Where is National Multi Commodity Exchange of India?

  National Multi-Commodity Exchange Of India Limited     4th Floor H. K. House   B/h Jivabhai Chambers, Ashram Road   Ahmedabad, Gujarat - 380 009   INDIA (MORE)
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How to be the boss?

You talk to corprate like a boss, approve memos like a boss, remember birthdays like a boss, direct workflow like a boss, micromanage like a boss, promote synergy, hit on debr (MORE)

Are bosses supposed to yell at and bully their employees?

it depends on circumstances available like it would be yes in an incidence where the employees seem not to mind what they are doing and thus a bosses can tease them to find ou (MORE)

Who is the boss of me?

Ultimately, you are the 'boss' of you. Each person is  responsible for their own actions and their own decisions.    No matter what circumstances you are in or what ag (MORE)