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What is reliance interest and expectation interest?

Reliance interest is the losses which the innocent party has sustained as a consequence of relying on the wrongdoer's promise. The plaintiff is put back in the pre-contract po (MORE)

To what extent did the Mexican war promote the national interest?

The Mexican War promoted the concept of 'Manifest Destiny' and American imperialism. Although many Americans were racist towards the Mexicans, it was argued that it was the re (MORE)

Why did European nations have an interest in southeast Asia?

Europeans wanted southeast Asian countries because of their location along the sea route to China. Europeans also recognized the value of the Pacific colonies as sources of tr (MORE)
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What is a have and have not nation?

A "have nation" describes a developed, first world country, that have all the latest technologies of the world. A "have not nation" describes a still developing nation that i (MORE)

How was the compromise of 1850 more a triumph of sectional self-interest than a true national compromise?

By definition, a compromise is a resolution of conflicting sectional interests. 'National compromise' doesn't mean too much. The Compromise of 1850 was a rather desperate atte (MORE)

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