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What day is national cafe coffee day?

National coffee day is only celebrated in a number of countries. It is celebrated on September 29th. The day is to promote free trade coffee and make others aware of problems (MORE)

When is national hug a brunette day?

It is on March 16. Hug a Blondie is the day before and Hug a red head is the day after. The day after that is national hug day for people with any color of hair. It is is real (MORE)

How does the nation observe Memorial Day?

Americans get several days off if the holiday is close to the weekend.Some people go to grave sites to put fresh flowers on the war heroes. The Military puts little flags at e (MORE)

When is National pizza day in the us?

According to the International Dairy Foods Association,, National Pizza Day is Feb 9th, 2011.
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How many nations was at the day of pentecost?

Acts 2:2 says there were Jews living in Jerusalem (where Pentecost took place) from every nation. Acts 2:9-11 mentions some that were there by name - "Parthians and Medes and (MORE)
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When is national hug a Mexican day?

They say that Cinco De Mayo (the 5th of may) is suppose to be national hug a Mexican day
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What is National Grump Out Day?

The National Grump Out Day has been celebrated on the first  Wednesday in May since 2002. It calls for people to refrain from  being grumpy or grouchy for 24 hours.
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