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What is the rhyme about the days in each month?

It has various forms, but the first two lines are: "Thirty days hath September, April, June and November..." The rest of the rhyme says that all the rest have 31 days, e (MORE)

What are the reasons of Bastille Day?

During the early stages of the French Revolution, the Parisians finally had enough of the French Monarchy and inequality. They attacked the Bastille (which was a famous prison (MORE)

What does rhyme and reason mean?

The noun-clause 'rhyme and reason' is typically used to mean  'sense,' 'meaning,' or 'insight.' It often appears in contemporary  English in this form: 'There's no rhyme or (MORE)

What rhymes with nation?

138 words rhyme with nation:    creation   imagination   illumination   abbreviation   emancipation   declaration   concentration   delegati (MORE)

What is the reason of celebrating earth day?

Because the first earth day was celebrated on April 22,1970. The other reason was that some people realized that some day the earth will be destroyed or will be over weighted. (MORE)

What is the reason for wearing the ao dai?

You were the Ao dai because it is traditional and it is worn to special occasions.
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What does this mean the sun shall not smite thee by day nor the moon by night?

it is interesting that i should bump into this question as I have just come into a little revelation about it. 'little' as i have not fully explored it yet. But here goes, the (MORE)