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Is national student leadership conference useful?

Not quite a scam. Perhaps "ripoff" or "extravagantly priced" might be a better way of putting it. You have to ask yourself what could be taught or shown in ten days to be wo (MORE)

What is a national festival?

a national festival is a festival that is celebrated by the whole country and a holiday is been declared for all schools,offices,collages,etc. there are three national festiva (MORE)

Pakistan role of student in national development?

Students, called the new generation of a nation, play a key role in the progress of their country. We the student are the future representatives of our homeland Pakistan. We h (MORE)

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Which is the national festival of France?

If you mean, what is the National Day? It is July 14th, it is the equivalent of Independance day in the US. It actually commemorates the siege of the Bastille in 1789 which du (MORE)