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How can you get the Nation?

  Ok, here are the steps to get the National PokeDex on D, P, and P:   1. First, you have to defeat all of the Gyms.   2.You have to defeat all of the Pokemon Traine (MORE)

What is the importance of national unity for a nation?

A nation is found to be developed if the country have the unity among the people in different regions and in different way.Our country Nepal is found to be a multilingual,mult (MORE)

Is National day in Switzerland national?

Yes it is. Here are the observed days in Switzerland. *** Observed Days *** ----------------------------------------------------------- Country Event 2010 ---------- (MORE)

What is the difference between Nation and Nationality?

A nation describes a geographical place that is defined by its borders, whether to neighboring countries or to natural boundaries, and sometimes defined by the difference in t (MORE)

What is nationality?

Nationality means that you and your family come from thecountry. If you and your family nationality is Japanese, then thatmeans you and your family are from Japan. Or if you a (MORE)

How many nations are in the commonwealth of nations?

The Commonwealth of Nations currently has 54 member nations, one of which is currently suspended following a military coup. Antigua and BarbudaAustraliaBahamasBangladeshBarba (MORE)
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What is a have and have not nation?

A "have nation" describes a developed, first world country, that have all the latest technologies of the world. A "have not nation" describes a still developing nation that i (MORE)

What nations were a part of the League of Nations?

The original countries in the league of nations are Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Columbia, Cuba, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, El Salvado (MORE)