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What is nativism?

Nativism is an extreme dislike for immigrants by native-born people and a desire to limit immigration Answer birth or origin, especially the place, process, or circumstance (MORE)

What did natives do?

I am a Native and us natives live a good life just like you white people we are the exact same but to racis people we supposably dance around a fire and kill people with our b (MORE)

What is a native?

a native is someone or something that originated in that country. For instance, corn, tomatoes and American Indians are native to the Americas

Why are Native Americans NOT native to America?

They ARE native to America. Every group migrated from Africa, but the first ones to the area become native to that area. _______________________________________ The answer (MORE)

Is the kangaroo native?

All animals are native to somewhere. Kangaroos are native to Australia, while tree kangaroos are native to Australia and the island of New Guinea, which comprises the countrie (MORE)

What is a native flower?

A native flower is a plant that survives in a particular geography, given its familiar seasons, rainfall, soil conditions and pests, without the help of humankind.

Are native Hawaiians Native Americans?

no, because Hawaii is an island geographically un connected to America, and only became an American state in 1959. Historians and archaeologists reckon that it became inhabite (MORE)