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What is NATO?

NATO is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization , which was established by the US and Western Europe following World War II. It originally consisted of twelve countries: the U (MORE)

Who belongs to NATO?

NATO is made up of 28 member countries. These are: . Albania . Belgium . Bulgaria . Canada . Croatia . Czech Republic . Denmark . Estonia . France . Germany . Gre (MORE)

What were countries in the NATO?

No member country has ever left NATO. Only new member countries have joined over the past. The current 28 NATO member countries are: AlbaniaBelgiumBulgariaCanadaCroatiaCzec (MORE)

Who is in the NATO?

NATO consists of 28 countries. They include Albany, Belgium,  Bulgaria, Canada, Greece, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark,  Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, (MORE)

What is the goal of NATO?

  At the beginning (1949), it was meant to stop communism from spreading into war-torn western Europe. It was an anti-soviet/communism organization. Today, it's so the nat (MORE)

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