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What does a phonetic alphabet do?

  It shows you how to pronouce/say certain letters, phrases, and words. Accented letters, such as é, use the symbols above the letter to show you in textual form how the (MORE)

What is the phonetic alphabet?

The phonetic alphabet is used to make spellings clearer over phone  or radio - kilo for letter k, foxtrot for letter f. Police and  other organisations use it to make sure t (MORE)

Why was phonetic alphabet invented?

During WW1 a radio transmission was broadcast 'Send reinforcement's, we are going to advance', however, what was heard at the other end was 'Send four-and-sixpence, we are goi (MORE)

Who is the phonetic alphabet most useful for?

It is useful for those who study phonetics and linguistics because it allows verbal phonemes to be recorded upon paper and categorised accordingly. It is also convenient as (MORE)

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