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What are the Differences between natural language and formal language?

Answer 1. Although formal and natural languages have many  features in common---tokens, structure, syntax and  semantics---there are many differences.ambiguityNatural langua (MORE)

What is meant by syntax rules of programming language and a natural language?

Syntax is defined as a set of rules governing how a language is structured, and the relationships between words,   Just as in English     * we don't put an adjective (MORE)

What is the difference between an expert system and natural language processing?

Answer 1.   An expert system is designed to emulate the abilities and thought  processes of a human expert. It is designed to solve complex  problems by reasoning throug (MORE)

How can you translate natural language in to programming language?

  The short answer is you can't - natural language can't always be be translated into a programming language; in fact even people can't always understand natural language (MORE)

Does Nature play a key role in language development?

Of course!!! It is natural for us to develop our own style of speech. It is common for a family to have nicknames for one another- you don't need to learn anything aside from (MORE)

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